• Does Your Cat Have OCD?: The Signs, Symptoms and Treatment Options

    While you may be aware that obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) can affect humans, you may not know that it can also affect your cat. Below is a guide to everything you need to know about how OCD can affect your cat and how the condition is treated. Causes of OCD in cats While it can be difficult to identify a particular trigger which has caused your cat to develop OCS, there are some common situations which increase the risk that your pet will develop the disorder. [Read More]

  • Take-Away Tips To Help You Manage A Protracted Vomiting Emergency In Dogs

    Protracted vomiting in dogs is an emergency that should be addressed in good time to avoid pet fatalities. It's important to know what you should do in case your pet experiences a protracted vomiting emergency. Below are tips and guidelines to help you prepare and take care of your pet in case of such an emergency. Assessment of Vomiting Protracted vomiting is severe vomiting that often persists for more than 24 or 36 hours. [Read More]

  • In the Dog House: 3 Dog Grooming Mistakes

    Every dog owner wants their pooch to look its best. Taking the time to regularly look after and groom your dog is a great thing to do. However, when carrying out DIY dog grooming at home it is easy to make mistakes. Below we look at three of the most common dog grooming mistakes. Not Handling Your Dog You should make a habit of handling and touching your dog in ways they will be touched during grooming. [Read More]