Take-Away Tips To Help You Manage A Protracted Vomiting Emergency In Dogs

Posted on: 15 June 2016

Protracted vomiting in dogs is an emergency that should be addressed in good time to avoid pet fatalities. It's important to know what you should do in case your pet experiences a protracted vomiting emergency. Below are tips and guidelines to help you prepare and take care of your pet in case of such an emergency.

Assessment of Vomiting

Protracted vomiting is severe vomiting that often persists for more than 24 or 36 hours. Pay close attention to your dog and observe whether the vomiting is lessening or getting worse.  At first, you can give your dog some water to check whether your pet can hold it down, advises Grit. If your dog vomits the water it consumes, don't give it any more water and prepare your pet for an emergency vet visit.  

Bloody vomit is also another alarming sign of a protracted vomiting emergency. Even if your pet has not been vomiting for a prolonged duration, and you notice quite an amount of blood in the vomit, then the problem calls for immediate treatment. Also, if your pet is diabetic, you should not keep it in the house for observation, instead, visit your veterinarian within 24 hours.

Pet Emergency Preparation

Protracted vomiting can severely dehydrate your pet in a short while, and you may find that your dog is not able to walk or move. You should invest in a pet stretcher so that you can use the stretcher to lift and move your pet in case of such an emergency. Visit a pet products supplier and get the right stretcher for your dog.

Also, remember that protracted vomiting can be as a result of numerous complications, including complications with current medication that your dog is taking. So carry all medical records and medications for your dog taking. The records and medication may assist the veterinarian in diagnosing the cause of the problem fast.  

Transporting Your Pet

Your pet may vomit on your way to the veterinarian's clinic, and so it's best to carry some napkins. Use the napkins to wipe off the vomit in case your dog vomits. Also, you may want to spread a cloth on the head rest you might use to support your pet's head so that it can soak up any vomit and make it easy to remove.

Also, invest in a carry cage as it will come in handy in transporting a weak or unconscious pet. You may also want to buy comfortable pet bedding for the carry cage so as to reduce the distress your dog is likely to experience because of the prolonged vomiting.

Proper management of pet emergencies can make the difference between life and death. You can borrow some of the tips mentioned to help you manage a protracted vomiting emergency for your dog.