Stopping your cat from destroying the house while you are away this holidays

Posted on: 18 December 2015

If you have a nervous cat who tends to scratch up the furniture when you are away and make protests in the forms of smelly deposits, it makes sense to make some plans to try and calm them down. Here are some ideas that can help.

Cat feeder

You should get your cat feeder to come over before you leave, so that your cat doesn't associate their presence with you leaving. Having the cat feeder's smell in the house already can make their appearance seem like less of an intrusion and more an established part of the cat's routine. You can also try spraying the house with synthetic cat pheromones, which are available in a diffuser, which some cats find calming. Try to get your cat feeder to keep to your normal schedule and feed the cats at a normal time.

Play time

Spending some time petting and playing with your cat can also calm the cat down. If your cat is nervous it can often help if the cat feeder is able to wear something that smells like you, such as placing a pillowcase you have slept on on their lap and spending some time in the house. While cats are relatively independent, they are calmed by touch. Help your cat feeder to play with your cat by showing them the style of play that your cat tends to like.


If you cannot find a way to calm your cat at home, it can be useful to take your cat to a cattery for the time you are away. Catteries are experienced in calming cats and are well set up to relax cats when their owners are away. They generally have cages with 'safe places' such as boxes for the cats to sleep in as well as toys and places for the cats to have some active time.

They also have more regular checks on your cat than they have at home with an at home feeder, which can be useful if your cat sometimes has health issues if they are nervous such as vigorous over grooming or nervous vomiting. 

If you are looking for the best solution for getting your anxious cat looked after while you are on holidays and protecting your furniture from feline retribution, it can make sense to check out your local catteries, like Welcome Boarding Kennels & Cattery, to see if they might be suitable for your cat.